Our Programs

We identified the current need for an organization to provide a structured, school-based program to supplement students’ public education experiences in Miami-Dade using qualitative evidence. This evidence is collected through a combination of feedback from community stakeholders, including teachers, school administrators and students, direct observation of current after-school programming, and an analysis of best practices found in other communities and programs. We learned that students had limited experience with community members representing activities that increase children’s’ opportunities for success: accomplished academic leaders, talented sports representatives and successful business people. The Home Team operations are comprised of distinct programs including academic support for elementary school and middle school students, academic support for high school athletes, teacher aids, and summer programs.

After-School Science & STEM Programs

Elementary & Middle School

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After-School Science & STEM Programs

Elementary & middle school

What makes our programs unique is that they are framed by behavioral economics’ behavior change theory which calls for incentivizing full participation to attain maximum benefits. Incentivizing behavior change is an effective means for achieving expected changes when individuals are less likely to be intrinsically motivated. An important addition is to have role models for what that behavior change represents.

Our After-School Academic Programs are available at Frances S. Tucker Elementary, G.W. Carver Elementary, Ponce De Leon Middle School and Gibson-Bethel Community Center.



Academic Support for Student Athletes

High school

The Home Team provides an After-School Study Hall which assists student athletes with school assignments as well as with preparation for the SAT and ACT standardized exams. We also provide assistance with college recruiting and employment opportunities.


Summer Programs

We provide a summer study hall program for high school students at Coral Gables Senior High School, from 8am to 9am. Supervised activities include tutorials to support completion of summer reading assignments and SAT/ACT preparations.