Our Programs

Our programs started in January 2016, through a partnership with Miami-Dade public schools and community. Our programs are unique in that they are framed by behavioral economics change theory that calls for incentivizing full participation to attain maximum benefits. Incentivizing behavior change is an effective means for achieving expected changes when individuals are less likely to be intrinsically motivated.

We identified the need to provide structured programs to compliment students’ public education experiences in Miami-Dade. We use qualitative evidence, collected through feedback from community stakeholders including teachers, school administrators and students, direct observation of current after-school programming, and an analysis of best practices found in other communities and programs.  Our goal is to increase our students engagement with community members representing activities that increase children’s opportunities for success: accomplished academic leaders, talented sports representatives and successful business people. 


STEM - ROBOTICS & coding

This program teaches concepts that enables students to build and program their own robots with the ability to receive commands directed using tablets, computers and smart phones.

STEM - Minecraft & Robotics

This program is offered to 2nd-6th grade students at the Gibson-Bethel Community Center in South Miami. Our students will continue to develop their building skills and further their knowledge in architecture and civil engineering with Minecraft 7 Wonders.


This program for girls will introduce the students to live arts and cultural experiences, providing them with opportunities to experience top music, theatre, and dance performances.

Sports & Anti Bullying

This program will take place at the Gibson-Bethel Community Center in South Miami. The Sports portion of the program includes football, basketball and other recreational activities. The Anti Bullying portion will provide education in self-defense, leadership, respect, manners and discipline.

STEM & water sports

This program includes an Environmental Science curriculum through our partnership with the Everglades Foundation, followed by water recreational activities to compliment the education being taught in the classroom.

Previous programs

The 2018-2019 school year was very successful. We were able to offer 7 programs at 5 different locations. While offering 381 program days in the school year, we were able to provide 890+ program hours, 7,700+ snacks to 250+ students in our community.