Karly Grogan

When the founder of The Home Team presented the mission and idea behind the organization to our class, I immediately knew it was something I would be able to put my heart into. Throughout high school, I was a mentor for an elementary school student who had a troubled home life. Each week we would do homework, practice her times tables, read books, as well as play board games, talk about her friends, and play outside at recess. I genuinely looked forward to devoting my free period to her. The best and most rewarding part of the mentorship was seeing how excited she would get when I would walk into the cafeteria to pick her up every Tuesday. Before I could even pick her blonde ponytail out of the crowd, she would emerge from the chaos with a contagious smile and greet me with a huge hug. It was that instant gratification that made giving up my free period for the day overwhelmingly worth it. I honestly miss being able to have such an impact on a child which is why I saw the Home Team as the perfect opportunity for me to get involved and form influential relationships with the kids in my new home of Miami. Click here to read the entire essay.

cristy ech