G.W. Carver Elementary
STEM & Sports Program


We provided a FREE After-School STEM and Sports Program on Wednesdays, for the 2nd-5th graders at George W. Carver Elementary School, in partnership with the Everglades Foundation.

This program focused on Environmental Science through the Everglades Literacy Program and curriculum provided by our program partnership with the Everglades Foundation. We aimed to improve the understanding of this rich topic through interdisciplinary techniques while integrating its lesson content with their other science and non-science related curricula.

The core curriculum focused on (a) resources  to implement these lessons in the classroom; (b) reducing environmental risks and negative impacts to this fragile and unique ecosystem; (c) protecting the future of America’s Everglades for future generations; and (d) training students to make better-informed decisions. This program was aligned to the Florida Standards and Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

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